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C C Rider

Slide and Picking Breakdown

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C C Rider > Slide and Picking Breakdown

We're re-issuing one of Corey's most popular lessons with new sheet music, re-mastered video and updated loop points. From Corey:

In this lesson we discuss how to hold the slide as well as proper picking technique. I also talk about how to loosen up mentally before playing as well as the importance of proper posture and breathing. This is an easy song so I encourage you to take your time and focus on the fundamentals before you move on to more challenging parts.

Good luck.




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Open A Tuning

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Open A Tuning (E A E A C# E)

Loop 0:00 Run-Through


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 3:52 Playing Guitar with Purpose and Energy

Loop 7:14 Slide Technique

Loop 11:40 Ending Run and Review of Main Chorus

Loop 12:50 Closing Thoughts and What to Practice





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