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Elder Green Blues

Chords and Rhythm

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Elder Green Blues > Chords and Rhythm

For this first lesson we will focus on getting familiar with the basic chords of the song as well as the main riff. Make sure that you spend plenty time listening to the song before you attempt to actually begin to play it. The more time you spend listening to the music, the more you will be satisfied with the result! Pay special attention to your tempo and make sure that you are playing comfortably, not too rushed or stiff. Enjoy!




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Delta Blues

Print Print Chords & Tab

Loop 0:00 Run-Through


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 2:40 Breakdown of Chords

Loop 9:11 Review and Closing Thoughts





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Jay May 07, 2018

nice tune corey, thanks.

there is a weird buzz in the audio a couple of places, example from 2:03 to 2:12.... any way to fix that?

Mike Caren
Mike Caren May 09, 2018

Hi Jay - thanks for letting us know.  We're looking into it to see if it can be fixed.

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Aug 31, 2018

Please pardon that... Most likely an issue with the microphone. Not sure if it can be fixed but let me know if you have any questions. 

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