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I Shall Not Be Moved

Bass and Chords

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I Shall Not Be Moved > Bass and Chords

In this first lesson we will focus on learning the alternating bass as well as the chords. We pay special attention to our right hand, discussing brushing the strings instead of picking them forcefully. Try to cultivate ann exact, light touch by playing from a postion of omfort and braathing as you play. We also learn the chords we will need to play the song. Take your time with the bass and learn how to play it as it moves throught he chord progressions. Enjoy!

Corey Harris



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Open E Tuning

Print Print Chords & Tab

Loop 0:00 Run-Through


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 2:33 Open E Tuning (E B E G# B E)

Loop 2:47 Breakdown of Alternating Bass and Chords

Loop 6:55 Practice Loop of Alternating Bass and Chords

Loop 8:20 Review and Closing Thoughts





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Corey Harris
Corey Harris Aug 31, 2018

In the near future I will isn't more Furry Lewis and Fred McDowell too. Stay tuned.... 

tim james
tim james Apr 06, 2018

great Corey, maybe one day can ya teach KOKOMO?

Corey Harris
Corey Harris May 02, 2018

thats a good idea...let me work on that...whose version?

thank you Tim

tim james
tim james May 03, 2018

furry lewis ? fred mc dowell?  maybe bit of both with corey harris  too?!

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