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That Will Never Happen No More

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That Will Never Happen No More > First Section

In this lesson we introduce ourselves to 'That Will Never Happen No More', a classic Blind Blake tune that I learned off the record a few years ago. I first heard Martin, Bogan and Armstrong play this in 'Louie Bluie'. As always, pay attention to the bass movement in the song first and then you can build upon that foundation. Take it slow!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Corey Harris
Blind Blake
Ragtime Guitar

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That Will Never Happen No More background listening: Blind Blake

loop @ 0:00 run-through

loop @ 3:15 piano vibe

loop @ 3:41 slow run-through

loop @ 5:38 breakdown of first section

$6.3.$1.3 $4.0.$1.3 $5.2.$1.3 $5.1 | $5.0.$2.3.$1.2 $4.0.$1.2 $2.3 $5.0 $5.1 | $5.2 $1.3 $4.0 $2.0 $6.3.$1.3 $4.0 | $5.0.$2.3.$1.2 $4.0.$2.3 $2.3 $5.0 $5.1 |
$5.2 $2.0.$1.3 $4.0 $2.0 $6.3.$1.3 $1.1 $4.0 | $6.0.$1.0 $2.0 $4.2.$1.0 $2.3 $6.0 $1.0 $4.2 |
$5.0 $1.5 $4.2 $1.5 $5.0.$1.3 $1.5 $4.2 | $5.0.$1.2 $2.3 $4.0.$1.0 $1.2 $5.0 $2.3 $4.0.$1.0 $1.3 |

loop @ 7:08 walk-down




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Robert Presley
Robert Presley Dec 29, 2012

I love it! I love it! The walkdown is perfect. My fingers are sore. Need some lighter strings.


Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Dec 06, 2012

Thanks Corey...I do hear that little variations..they're fantastic...:)) I didn't know much about Blind Blake...I really appreciate you're transmitting us your passion for his music....In Honeysuckle I think there's a lot of that Blind Blake/African Blues feelin typicall of your sound....I'm tryin to study it too :)))

just one more thing, if possible....please let me know what you think about the festival here in Bologna...We would love to see you here again.

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Dec 05, 2012

@Mike...nice work.  I like that you are taking it real slow and I can see that you have paid attention to the nuances.  Like Alex said, your picking (especially on the bass line) is accurate.  It always seems to me that once I really learn the bass, the rest of the song comes together by itself.  You will be on solid ground once we get deeper into the song as long as you keep the bass line together.  I am glad to see that y'all are getting this.  I was wondering if I had chosen something that was too challenging.  Looking at the progress that has been made already, I feel confident that it was the right choice.  Thanks.

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Dec 05, 2012

@Alex...I think you are off to a good start.  Like Mike said it seems that the longer you play it the better you become acquainted with the song.  There are a lot of little rhythmic things going on in the song and it seems that you are listening closely to those and getting them.  At first this song sounds like it is the same thing over and over; if you listen to Blind Blake's version he has a few slight variations that he plays.  I listened a lot to his version to try and get these down so that it doesn't sound like I am playing exactly the same thing each time.  Keep listening...there is also a later version he recorded of the song where there is more going on.  It is more complex than the version I learned, but I got some good ideas from listening to it.  Once you learn the tune well, don't be afraid to make your own version that is faithful to the original but has your stamp on it.  Next lesson I will slow down the changes to show what the small variations are (as I hear them.)  Thanks.

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Dec 05, 2012

Mike...really nice job!!'ve got the woody sound that I really Like and I'm lookin for too...Your picking on the bass line is accurate...I tend for example and wrongly to pick together high strings with lower instead are only on the bass which is really good at least for me! :)))

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Dec 04, 2012

Hi Corey ... Love the tune!  I'm still getting the first section under my fingers.  I messed up on the D the first time around ... will pratice that more slowly.   Each day it comes more naturally.  

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Dec 03, 2012

@Mike...thanks!!!! What you say I think it's true....I'm letting me go now,much more than before, since I started playin the guitar having drums in my mind...I'm a former djembe player :))

I wait for your video, then :))

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Dec 03, 2012

Hi Corey .. love the tune!  I'm working at the first section REAL SLOW.  I'll post a video in a couple days.

@ Alex ... love the singin' !!  You fall into a nice groove too, each round you seem to let go a little more and let the music take you. Love it!

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Dec 02, 2012

@Corey...It's a first approach..I'm tryin to play only the bass line and sing the melody..I still have to practice more on brushes...I'm too much used to only pick the strings :)


Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Nov 30, 2012

@Corey....I really dig this tune...It reminds me Baby you got to change your mind of Blind Boy fuller....anyway...this tune is really hard!!!! thanks for the lesson :)

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