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Greetings My Finely Tuned Friends! Here we are again, this time with a sea shanty by the name of Cape Cod Girls. In this lesson we’ll take something that was originally used as an A Capella work song, put it in the key of E, give it a shuffle feel, and make it into a dance party tune. That’s social music! This song has a great call and response structure so of course we’ll talk about using it as a group sing along. Like many of these folk tunes this isn’t meant to be a dusty relic that we must play a certain way (although learning to do that is a beautiful thing and important if we’re going to grow as players). This song is a flexible living creature inviting us to make it our own…Here we go! I love hearing from you, let me know how you’re doing with your social music.

Dan Zanes



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Cape Cod Girls

Loop 1:37  What You Will Learn Today

Loop 2:20 Sea Shanties

Loop 5:22 Breakdown of Chords and Rhythm

Loop 15:02 Making The Song Your Own

Loop 18:15 Practice Loop of Whole Song


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tim james
tim james Jul 07, 2017

far out a song for us aussies !!!!!!!!!!!!!  there's a very similer tune called ROLLING KINGS and they're bound for south australia  my home state

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Jul 26, 2017

yeah man. i apologize for the delay here!!

i have many good memories of music making in australia over the years...so i'm always ready to sing about the place.

it's wild how many shanties refer to australia. rolling kings is a great one. we have a lot of committed shanty singers in the U.S. keeping this music alive, often in something close to its original state!

my version of this tune is somewhat blasphemous but hey, we're here to play guitar!!

i hope you're well.....

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