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Bring Me A Little Water Sylvie

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Greetings My Singing Ukulele and Guitar Playing Friends!

We’re back with more thoughts on harmony singing. It’s a pleasure to be here with Claudia Eliaza. She’s my favorite person to sing with and she somehow makes it all look so easy. In this lesson we’ll take a look at the Huddie Ledbetter AKA Lead Belly song Bring Me A Little Water, Sylvie as well as the Scottish classic Wild Mountain Thyme. We’ll talk about how we come up with parts and we’ll also discuss briefly how to transpose a song into a different key and why that can sometimes be a good idea. Since the theme of our adventures here is Social Music, I encourage you all to sing while you play. There can be negative messages about our vocal abilities that we’ve carried around with us (usually from some childhood experience) that prevent us from belting out the tunes. Let’s shed any thoughts that keep us from this joyous experience! As they say, if you can talk, you can sing. And I would add, if you can sing, you can sing in harmony.

Have some fun with this and please let me know how it goes!!

Dan Zanes




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Bring Me A Little Water Sylvie

Loop 1:24 What You Will Learn Today

Loop 2:33 Breakdown of Harmony Singing Bring Me A Little Water Sylvie

Loop 9:32 Practice Loop of Bring Me A Little Water Sylvie Harmony Singing

Loop 12:25 Breakdown of Up Verse Harmonies For Bring Me A Little Water Sylvie

Loop 16:43 Introduction To Wild Mountain Thyme and Transposing Chords

Loop 20:36 Practice Loop of Wild Mountain Thyme

Loop 22:03 Breakdown and Closing Thoughts





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Jay Oct 06, 2017

hey, this is great claudia & dan. thanks!!!

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Oct 10, 2017

hey there jay!

thanks for the good words....we had a lot of fun doing this!

was it helpful in some way???

yr pal,


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