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Pay Me My Money Down - Uke

G and C Chords

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Pay Me My Money Down - Uke > G and C Chords

Greetings Friends and Neighbors and Uke enthusiasts! Welcome to uke lesson #1.We’ll be exploring the possibilities for what I like to call Social Music - the music that we make when we gather together throughout life’s many festive, solemn, and casual occasions. Today we’ll approach the song “Pay Me My Money Down.” I learned this from Frankie and Dougie Quimby of the Georgia Sea Island Singers. They said people would sing this while pulling boats out of the water. It’s a classic example of call and response work song which makes it an ideal tune for social music making. We’re going to focus on the chording hand and learn two crucial ones - the G chord and the C chord! These are among the easiest uke chords to learn but I’ve you’ve never played a stringed instrument before it may take a little time to get comfortable with them but I encourage you to stay with me here and work them out. You’ll be glad you did, the pay-off is huge! Dan Zanes

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Pay Me My Money Down

Loop 0:42 What We're Going to Learn Today

Loop 1:57 Fingering and Parts of the Uke

Loop 4:45 Holiding the Uke and Playing Chords

Loop 5:39 C Chord Breakdown

Loop 6:29 G7 Chord Breakdown

Loop 7:32 Learning by Playing Songs and the Importance of Slowing Down

Loop 11:20 Practice Loop of Pay Me My Money Down


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 13:34 What To Practice





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Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Jan 02, 2019

Jenn! You're living the dream. I hope that it's going well so far. If you have any questions about anything in these lessons or want to leave a video of trouble spots or triumphs, please do and I'll be sure to get back to you in a timely manner...I'm happy that you're starting the new year with a uke and  a heart full of enthusiasm....that's a magical combo!! yr pal, Dan


Jenn M.
Jenn M. Dec 05, 2018

Hi, Dan! I got hooked on the “Crawdad Song” lesson over on Youtube. Bought myself a uke and here I am. Boy, am I excited. 

Your friend, 

Jenn M. 

Jayne Sep 06, 2017

AT LAST! I have finally gotten around to my first free lesson with you, Mr. Dan Zanes!  And I loved it. The format of this is perfect - from the great instructional video, to the backing track to practice with, to the downloadable/printable music. And WHAT?! I can slow down things as I need to. Genius! Thanks. I'm excited to learn more... and eager for my fingers to toughen up. Ouch.Thank you!

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Sep 07, 2017

greetings Jayne!

i'm glad to hear that you're signing on for the free fun and games here. i think the lessons get better and better as they go on and yes, the fingers will toughen! i appreciate all that sonic junction does to make this easy for everybody...they really thought this through. let me know how it goes for you and what you'd like to see here...

yr pal,


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