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Rock Island Line - Uke

The Key of A

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Rock Island Line - Uke > The Key of A

Hail My Fine Ukulele Friends!! In this lesson we’ll be departing from the guitar players for the first time as we leave the key of E behind and look at "The Rock Island Line” in the completely enjoyable key of A. There are things that are particularly easy and natural in A and they happen to work well for this blues-based Lead Belly classic. It also may be that singing it in E wasn’t completely comfortable for you. If that was the case let’s see what happens now. If you’re singing and playing it’s good to get a sense along the way of what your voice can (and can’t yet) do. This experience of learning the same tune in 2 different keys will help you gain a deeper understanding. If you’re new to all of this it’s important to realize that any song can be played in different keys and that some will feel better than others for both singing and uke playing. Let me know how this is working out for you! I love the comments so far and the more you tell me the more I can tailor these lessons to fit your social music desires!!

Dan Zanes



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Rock Island Line

Loop 0:27 Playing and Fingerpicking In The Key of A

Loop 10:16 Strumming With Hammer-Ons and the Turnaround

Loop 15:30 Practice Loop With Dan Strumming

Loop 16:36 A7 Inversion Riff

Loop 19:26 Closing Thoughts

Loop 20:33 Outro


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