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We have four chords!! This is amazing and deserves a moment of celebration. In this lesson we’ll look at some strumming techniques, talk about how to transition from one chord to the next, and get into a tiny bit of music theory, in this case the I - IV - V and the relative minor chord. It's great to take a minute to ponder the ways that our strumming hand can add flavor to the chords that we’ve worked so hard to master. This is a fairly limitless quest and “Stand By Me” is an ideal starting point for the conversation. We’ll try a fanning style strum, one that is common among the Mexican Son Jarocho players, and see how that adds some emotion to the tune. This is Social Music and I feel like I should always emphasize that as soon as you’re able, if you’re not doing it already, try to add your voice to the song. It’s not necessary that you know every word but get comfortable with the idea that you may need to be the one leading the sing along and if that’s the case you want to be ready!! Confidence may not come immediately but I’ve found that the more I sing the better I get, whether I’m thinking about it or not. So start belting it out and see what happens…..





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

Backing Track

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Loop 0:37 Run-Through of Stand By Me

Loop 0:37 Welcome and Review of Last Week

Loop 1:23 Introduction To Chord Progressions and How They Work

Loop 4:11 Right Hand Strumming Patterns

Loop 5:16 Fanning Your Fingers Out

Loop 7:42 Practice Loop of Playing and Singing


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 8:30 Transitioning Between Chords

Loop 13:08 Practice Loop Transitioning Between Chords

Loop 13:58 Percussive Sounds and Making It Your Own

Loop 14:52 Closing Thoughts





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