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Wild Mountain Thyme

Singing, Bass Runs and Hammer Ons

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Wild Mountain Thyme > Singing, Bass Runs and Hammer Ons

Greetings High Spirited Guitar Nuts! Yes, we’re back again with the Scottish classic Wild Mountain Thyme and this tune is about to come alive. I hope that you’re feeling at least mildly comfortable with the F#m and the Bm chords. Remember, perfection isn’t the goal here. We’re looking for the slow and steady forward motion that can only come from regular playing. With that in mind, maybe it’s helpful to think of this as a lifestyle rather than just a fun thing to dabble in… In this lesson we’ll be looking at some bass runs, hammer-ons, and strumming subtleties that will take your version of this song to an exciting place. As if that weren’t enough we’ll talk a little bit about how to start approaching harmony singing on a song like this. So, let’s dig in! Thank you for the comments, and suggestions, I really appreciate them.

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Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Wild Mountain Thyme

Loop 0:48 What You Will Learn Today

Loop 1:53 Breakdown of Intro, Bass Runs and Hammer Ons

Loop 9:34 Supporting The Vocals and Chorus Breakdown

Loop 12:59 Harmony Singing and Dynamics

Loop 17:50 Closing Thoughts

Loop 18:55 Practice Loop of Whole Song


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Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes May 30, 2017

hey there michael!

thank you for the good words! this one feels like a song with limitless possibilities...i'm glad you're seeing that.

and you KNOW i'm glad to hear that you're singing it with the family, that's the name of the game right there!!

yes, i'm going to record a few more lessons this week and i think walking the dog is the way to go. it's time for a dance party song and that one really fits the bill. electric, acoustic, any way it's played it works!!

stay tuned, brother,


Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor May 27, 2017

another fantastic lesson - this version was always one of the family favorites off "night time" and having fun singing it with the kids now - love the elegance of the hammer on's and the bass runs - thanks indeed!  keep them coming.....   hinted that walking the dog might be next?

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