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This week we'll look at some New Orleans piano licks. These are very familiar to anyone who's a New Orleans music lover.

The first lick comes from the Huey Smith tune, "Rockin' Pneumonia". Actually, this lick has been used in many songs including my grandfathers, "She's The One".

In this lesson we also glance over the New Orleans piano roll...which we'll revisit soon.

The second lick is from the Professor Longhair tune, "Big Chief". We break down the arpeggiation of the lick on the first chord.

This is a good lesson if you'd like to learn two classic New Orleans piano licks.

Let me hear from you!

Give it a try. Any questions I'm around just hit me up.





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

Davell Crawford
New Orleans Piano
Professor Longhair
Rockin' Pneumonia
Big Chief
Huey Piano Smith

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Loop 0:20 Introduction to Lesson

Loop 1:09 Breakdown of the New Orleans Roll

Loop 2:36 Breakdown of Rockin' Pneumonia

Loop 5:22 Practice Loop of Rockin' Pneumonia


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 6:06 Reference Songs

Loop 6:46 Run-Through of Big Chief

Loop 7:18 Breakdown of Big Chief Riff

Loop 9:18 Closing Thoughts

Loop 9:50 Outro





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