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Please Send Me Someone To Love

Right Hand Breakdown

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Please Send Me Someone To Love > Right Hand Breakdown

Hello Son-ites! :-)

This week we are still studying one of my favorites, Percy Mayfields, "Please Send Me Someone To Love". I believe this lesson is a pretty easy one if you've been following along for some time.

Here in this lesson, I'll give you several valuable pearls of wisdoms in which you can incorporate in your over-all playing. We connect again with the cadence and how it helps to enhance your music with a certain soulfulness that we all love to hear and play. In this lesson we also look at the raised 5th as a suspend, while touching on resolutions, walk ups, and a traditional ending.

So, this week, practice the right hand part diligently, then go back to last weeks lesson and practice that one separately. Certainly, if you practice every day for 45 minutes to an hour, by next week your two handed coordination for this song will be just fine!

Be in touch, post your progress and ask any questions you'd like!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Davell Crawford
Please Send Me Someone To Love
Percy Mayfield
B.B. King

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Loop 0:50 Run-Through Please Send Me Someone To Love


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 3:28 Breakdown of Right Hand 

Loop 9:40 Bridge Breakdown

Loop 10:40 Ending Breakdown

Loop 11:51 Closing Thoughts

Loop 12:48 Outro





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