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This week we start the study of Professor Longhairs original, "Tipitina" written in 1953 and released on Atlantic Records label. In 1994 The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame awarded 'Tipitina', as one of the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock.

In this version of the song we will play it with its New Orleans, Mambo-Doo Wop, Carribean sorta feeling with the concentration on the left hand.

If you've been following my lessons from the beginning, your left hand, by now, should be at a comfortable place of strength. Many songs that I've taught on this site, such as 'Tipitina', repeat in pattern and movement. Over time with consistent and diligent practice, these songs and the key hand techniques should become much easier for you to play.

Also, if you are primarily a guitarist and want to work on your piano chops, most of these lessons help make the transition or easier. Remember, build the left hand!

So then, get out the metronome and study this lesson!






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
new orleans
Davell Crawford
Dr. John
Professor Longhair

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Loop 0:45 Run-Through of Tipitina


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 2:29 How We Will Learn Tipitina

Loop 3:52 Left Hand Breakdown

Loop 7:23 Learning the Left Hand With Octaves

Loop 9:53 Practice Loop

Loop 11:18 Closing Thoughts

Loop 12:42 Outro






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