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Breakdown of 7th and 8th Chorus

Hi Sonic Junctioneers!

For this week’s lesson, we will tackle the next two choruses, and they incorporate both the simplest and most complex sections of the song. In chorus 7 we will play the longest phrase of the song spanning holes 1-5, and also hold the longest sustained single note. In chorus 8, we will be going for a more intense vibe, with some distorted 3 draw bends and some aggressive chord vamps in between some of the patterns here, ending with one of the longest phrases in the song.

Be sure to open up your ears and really listen to this before tackling it - Enjoy!

- Dennis Gruenling




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
1st Position

Backing Track

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G Harp in the Key of G.

Loop 0:19 7th and 8th Chorus Acoustically

Loop 1:04 Breakdown of 7th Chorus

Loop 4:07 Practice Loop of 7th Chorus

Loop 4:38 Breakdown of First 8 Bars of 8th Chorus

Loop 7:01 V Chord and Turnaround Breakdown

Loop 8:54 Practice Loop of 7th and 8th Chorus Together

Loop 9:50 Closing Thoughts





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Tor Arvid Tveit
Tor Arvid Tveit Jan 29, 2021

It seems to me that you play two different versions of the last part (from the 4. cord) of verse 7, Dennis. The version you play in the introduction of the series, and in the beginning of the lesson for 7 and 8 verse, sounds to me to be different than what you explain in the breakdown and in the practise loop. I really struggle hearing what you do, but it doesn't sound like you play what you explain...

BTW: Great series for anyone who wish to improve their bending precision!

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Jan 29, 2021

YES - thank you for brining to my attention! I appreciate you telling me, because I never write out my songs until AFTER I improvise them. I have a framework and an indea of what I want to do melodically, but allow myself to improvise them and then break it down for the videos, which allows the magic to happen for the song. Sorry I got that phrase incorrect, haha!

In the Song (and the Intro of this Breakdown), this is what is ACTUALLY played before hitting the 4b (4blow):

2d 3d" 2d 3d'   2d 3d' 3d" 2d

d = draw    b = blow    ' = half step bend    " = whole step bend

The breakdown has a different phrasing of these notes (as I explain in the video obviously).

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