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Keep The Change

Third Verse Breakdown

Hi Harpsters of Sonic Junction! This week, as we tackle chorus 3 of “Keep The Change”, we will add some tonguing techniques and growling, to go along with the changes on 3 draw. If you are not doing so already, please make a regular routine out of practicing your half, whole, and step and a half bends on your 3 draw with a tuner. For blues purposes sometimes these notes are better when they are not exact, but as a musician you want to know where the exact notes are at least, and that will come with practice. This chorus was the first idea I had of this song, and was inspired by saxophone instrumentals from the 1950’s - Enjoy!!

- Dennis Gruenling




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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A Harp in the Key of E.

Loop 0:14 Third Chorus Acoustically

Loop 0:49 Breakdown of First 4 Bars

Loop 3:25 Breakdown of Bars 5 - 8 (IV Chord and Back to I)

Loop 6:15 Practice Loop of First 8 Bars

Loop 6:41 V Chord and Turnaround Breakdown (Bars 9 - 12)

Loop 8:21 Practice Loop of Last 4 Bars

Loop 8:53 Slow Practice Loop of 3rd Chorus

Loop 9:47 Closing Thoughts




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Bill Blatner
Bill Blatner Sep 09, 2017

Just like singing.  Thanks.

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Sep 09, 2017


Bill Blatner
Bill Blatner Sep 09, 2017

Hi Dennis,

Those drawn out bends up to and down from the "target" note are a real workout on the 3-hole draw.  I've kind of accidentally found that if I very conciously focus my breath into my belly I can get a smoother transition.  (Actually Jerry pointed me to this idea a long time ago and I accidentally remembered :)  Can you say anything about how you approach breathing and using the diaphram?

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Sep 09, 2017

For harmonica playing, all of your breathing should be controlled, relaxed, and from your diaphragm. No breathing should be shallow or short "bursts" just from the lungs. 

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