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Trill Seeker

Seventh Chorus Breakdown

Hey Everyone,

I’m back once again with the seventh chorus now of my “Trill Seeker” study piece. This section brings us back into using more trills, and building some intensity with them. Most of the trills used here start with a scooped up note, meaning it comes up from a bend, so be sure to be able to nail the bends as soon as you hit these notes, and then be able to bring them up smoothly into a trill. We will also be using different attacks and tonal variations on some notes, so be sure to pay attention to how you are using your hands as well.

Dig in, and enjoy!

- Dennis Gruenling



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
key of E
A Harp
Dennis Gruenling
Trill Seeker

Backing Track

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A Harp in the Key of E. 

Loop 0:00 Dennis and Dave Playing the Whole Song

Loop 1:48 Dennis and Dave Playing the Seventh Chorus

Loop 2:46 Seventh Chorus with Just Harmonica

Loop 3:27 Breakdown of First Four Bars (I Chord)

Loop 5:34 Practice Loop of First Four Bars

Loop 5:47 How To Learn Riffs with the Slow Downer or a Metronome

Loop 6:51 IV Chord and Back to the I Chord (Bars 5 - 8)

Loop 7:50 Practice Loop of IV Chord and Back to the I (Bars 5 - 8)

Loop 8:03 Practice Loop of First 8 Bars

Loop 8:47 V Chord and Turnaround Breakdown

Loop 11:53 Practice Loop of Last 4 Bars

Loop 12:14 Practice Loop of Entire 7th Chorus





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