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Two for One

Second Verse Breakdown

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Two for One > Second Verse Breakdown

Sonic Junction Harpers -

I’m here now to dive into the 2nd chorus of this chromatic piece focusing on octaves. Most of the song is utilizing the blues scale, so if you have studied my previous Chromatic piece, you should be familiar with many of these patterns. Don’t forget to widen your mouth a bit to make sure you can cover 5 holes on the harp…it sounds crazy, but it’s easier than it seems at first. The main point here is to get clean, clear octaves, so practice those first and then tackle each passage if you’re not familiar with this technique yet…and don’t forget to have fun with it!!

- Dennis




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chromatic Harmonica

Backing Track

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C Chromatic Harmonica in the Key of D.

Loop 0:00 First Two Chorus's of Two for One with Guitar

Loop 1:11 Second Chorus with Harmonica Only

Loop 1:39 Breakdown of First 8 Bars

Loop 3:29 Breakdown of Last 4 Bars

Loop 4:51 Practice Loop Last Section

Loop 5:08 Slow Practice Loop

Loop 5:45 Closing Thoughts





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