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Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong

Intro and First Verse Fills

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Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong > Intro and First Verse Fills

Hello Folks,

This week we learn the lead intro and fills around the vocal for Albert King's "Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong." I show you how to play lines in the Albert King style improvising some lines utilizing some of his signature licks and basic bends. If you learn these and upcoming lines you will be able to mix and match phrases and types of bends and improvise in his style without actually playing his exact lines. Next week we will take the same approach in soloing and before long you should be able to play your own solos in Albert's style.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

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Loop 1:20 Introduction to Don't Throw Your Love on Me So Strong

Loop 1:48 Breakdown of Intro

Loop 6:37 Vocal Riff Ideas

Loop 12:35 Practice Loop of Vocal Riffs


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 13:18 Albert King's Stax Era Bends

Loop 16:38 Closing Thoughts





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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Dec 19, 2016

Hey Duke! I found this great video of T-Bone Walker doing "Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong" and wanted to share it with you and everyone. Hope you liked my version! Thanks, Bruce.

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Dec 16, 2016

Hey Duke!  Oops! I realized after recording it that I said "Put" instead of "Throw". To paraphrase Simone Biles, the great gymnist who said, "Sometimes your foot slips", well, sometimes your verb slips. ;-)  As you'll hear, I'm going much more for emotion that technical perfection on this one, though I really think it's not too bad. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much for the really excellent lesson. So many great ideas. I feel like I'll be processing this for years to come. Thanks again! Bruce

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Dec 20, 2016

Hi Bruce, Sounds great, good playing, Your sound hear reminds me of Mike Bloomfield in his Les Paul period. good work! Duke

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Dec 20, 2016

Hey, thanks a lot, Duke! Your ears are certainly as sharp as ever! I recently watched a documentary about Bloomfield and have been listening to some of his stuff. I wasn't deliberately trying to copy anything, but I guess I'm at a very impressionable stage in my guitar development. He seems like he must have been a very intense guy. Thanks again!! Bruce

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