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I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water

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Hi Folks,

This week we are finishing up "I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water" with a lesson on various chord fills and short single string lines to play around the vocal. I demonstrate quite a few aproaches on fills based on very simple chord arpeggios that are easy an d sound really good in the context of old time blues. You should be able to pick these up relatively easy and use them in a variety of tunes.Good things to have in your arsenal for sure.

So let's get those videos and audio examples coming in folks. I really do love hearing your take on things and progress.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues
Duke Robillard
I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
Lou Rawls

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Loop 0:00 Breakdown of Chord Melody Ideas

Loop 13:27 Example Verse Utilizing the Ideas


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 14:11 Closing Thoughts




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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jun 09, 2016

Hey Duke! This is such a beautiful little chord solo! I'm not quite smooth enough on it yet, but it's coming along, I think. Hope you think so too! ;-) Bruce


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