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Bo Diddley Beat

Bo Diddley Beat

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Bo Diddley Beat > Bo Diddley Beat

This is a famous beat in Rock & Roll used by Bo Diddley in songs like Bo Diddley and Mona, by Buddy Holly in Not Fade Away, and by Johnny Otis in Hand Jive. It's a simple rhythmic riff that can be used between the short vocal phrases and is fairly easily mastered with the correct phonetics and breathing sequence.

A harp in key of E.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
key of E
Jerry Portnoy
A Harp
Bo Diddley

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A Harp in the Key of E.

loop @ 1:24 to listen to the demonstration 

loop @ 3:33 to practice the first riff breakdown

loop @ 4:13 to practice the second riff breakdown 

loop @ 5:15 to listen to the review


Mona . Bo Diddley & Tom Petty . A Harp in the key of E



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Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Apr 19, 2013

Hi Phil,

I assume you mean that you hold the harp upside down with the bass notes on your right. Sonny Terry and Paul Butterfield played this way. It's fine as long as you form your cup over the bass notes.

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Apr 19, 2013

Hi Aria,

You've got te correct breathing patterns. What you need to do is keep it going them going over and over like a mantra and they will become stronger as the muscle memory takes over.

bewube Oct 10, 2012

everything is super

Phil Cave
Phil Cave May 11, 2012

jerry I play the harmonicea back to front.Please dont ask why i just do.Is this a disadvantage?

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