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Breaking down the intro.  I’m playing an D harp in the key of A.  Prerequisites: Bends, Octave Slaps.

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Breaking down the intro.  I’m playing an D harp in the key of A.  Prerequisites: Bends, Octave Slaps.


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steve switzer
steve switzer Apr 01, 2023

at 4:40 got the 2 3 draw thn 2 3 full step but the next 3 notes i cannot work out even with the harp ninja can you tellme what they are ?

Bob Piscura
Bob Piscura Dec 06, 2014

Thanks Jerry, I appreciate the reply, I want to get it right! I was playing it -2 -3bent and sliding to -3. Not the way you just explained it. -2 half step bend  sliding to -2 then -3 bend . I heard 3 notes just had the wrong ones!

By the way My band is going to do" Little queen of spades" by Eric Clapton with you on Harp! I'll probably have a question or two. The performance of Can't get no grindin was great (thanks for your help on that one) I changed the way I was playing it in the afternoon before the gig. We had it set to video it so I could send it to you but the sound guy forgot to turn on the camera!

One last thing.... would you consider doing a lesson on effects and articulation? I would like to know how you were getting the raspy/sax sound on the intro of Can't get no grindin on the iv and the v. I can get it on the I (1-4 chord to the -2 to the -2 bend but it was pretty clean on the 3 blow and the 3 draw. I went back thru the masterclass cd and couldn't find a lesson on that.

I appreciate your input it's great to have the original artist tell how to do it!  Hope you are recovering from the long trip.

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Dec 06, 2014

Hi Bob,

There are 3 notes involed in the riff at 3:57. The first should be the first bent note on the 2 hole draw (Ab) letting it up to the natural "A" then sliding into the second bend on the 3 hole (B). I believe I'm playing the first note a bit flat closer to the bottom bend (G) but I think the "Ab" is the correct note. On a "D" harp the 2nd hole draw is an "A" note. There are four notes in the 3rd hole draw: the natural C#, then the three bends below that - C,B,and Bb.

Bob Piscura
Bob Piscura Nov 30, 2014

Hi Jerry, Im working on lesson #2 of keep it to yourself and when I get to 3:57 in the lesson where you say play 2 draw the 3 draw bend. mine doesn't sound correct. I grabbed a tuner and slowed the recording down and the tuner showed your notes for those  notes as d and f going to f#. my notes for those notes are A going to c going to  c# . Did you change harps to get those notes? On a d harp isnt 2 draw an A note and 3 draw bend a C note ?


Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Jun 06, 2013

Better! The bent note at :20 seconds still needs to be a little flatter. Overall, nice job though.

Greg Riddle
Greg Riddle May 24, 2013

Thanks Jerry.  How's this one?

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy May 23, 2013

Pretty good, Greg. You're obviously practicing and paying close attention. A couple of points: Try to get less of a full open chord sound and more of an octave sound on the opening licks leading up to those hits on the 4 draw. Also the lick at 12 seconds and 14 seconds that repeats: it should be 3 draw, 2 draw, 3 draw (second bend), 2 draw. I'm very encouraged by your effort and progress and you should be too!

Greg Riddle
Greg Riddle May 21, 2013

My attempt at the intro.

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