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Off the Wall

Second Chorus Breakdown

For instructional purposes I'm switching to "acoustic" to teach the rest of this song. Many of you don't have amplifiers and may have no need of one. All nuances of attack, phrasing, volume etc. should be accomplished acoustically and then you will sound good regardless of any amplified set-up.

As always, make sure you've listened enough so that each chorus is fixed in your mind before trying to play it.

C harp in key of G.




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Jerry Portnoy
C Harp
Rick Russell
Little Walter
Key of G
Off the Wall

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C Harp in the Key of G

Loop 0:00 Jerry and Rick Playing the First Two Verses of Off the Wall

Loop 2:01 Breakdown of Warbles on the I Chord (Bars 1 - 4)

Loop 3:50 Practice Loop of Bars 1 - 8

Loop 4:18 Breakdown of V Chord

Loop 4:40 IV Chord and Turnaround 

Loop 4:59 First Chorus Practice Loop

Loop 5:38 Closing Thoughts



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Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Jun 05, 2015

If there's a proper sound system with monitors, have the sound person mic the amp and augment it through your monitor.  Otherwise, you can try to have the band lower the general volume, or at least on your solo - but good luck with that. 

lazarlem Jun 03, 2015

I saw you playing with Bonnie Raitt after I saw your video on backing a singer.  It was great and also  a young you playing with Muddy Waters in Germany.  Its good to see. Love Muddy and yo playing It's good to see ,"Practice what you teach.

Here's my question. When I play with a band on stage I cant hear what's coming out. The mic is loud enough, but the band is loud, the people are loud ,so what to do??

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