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Playing Behind a Vocalist

Playing Behind a Vocalist

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Playing Behind a Vocalist > Playing Behind a Vocalist

This week I offer up some thoughts on how to approach accompanying a singer. When you listen to a harmonica player play behind a singer, see if their accompaniment falls into one of the categories I describe.

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Artistic Approach
Jerry Portnoy

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David Thomson
David Thomson Sep 04, 2023

To be an extension of the vocals with equal feel and phrasing is where its at.  ;-)  


Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Dec 13, 2013

Hi Antonio,

I remember that gig in Portugal. What a beautiful place. Glad to have you here at Sonic Junction.


Hey Tim,

It's on the list! Nov 30, 2013

One more excelent lesson . As you know in Portugal we dont have the Thanks Giving Day but i wish you have had a good day and also Congratulaitions for yours 70 ths . Just one more  litle thing , you play with Muddy in Portugal Cascais Jazz festival in 1975 i supose , i saw the concert on television a few weeks later i was 18 years old it was saturday night . Next monday i went to Oporto and buy my first BLUES HARP in C . This change my way of enjoy music , until today i´m always trying to play better , one thing is for sure Blues changed my life.

   Thank you Jerry !   

tim james
tim james Nov 29, 2013

hope ya had a good birthday mate,could ya please do 'blow wind blow' cheers and thanks Jerry...Tim James

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