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Using 2 Draw and 3 Blow

Using 2 Draw and 3 Blow

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Using 2 Draw and 3 Blow > Using 2 Draw and 3 Blow

Using 2 draw and 3 blow: playing the tonic note twice in succession offers different combinations of ways to do this. I give an example of a simple four note riff in which the last two notes are the same note, and show four different ways of playing it.

I’m playing a A harp in the key of E.

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key of E
Jerry Portnoy
A Harp

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A Harp in the Key of E.




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Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Oct 17, 2016

Hi Jan,

Because you say you had the same problem with your previous harp, I would suspect that this may be a problem of technique rather than the harmonica itself.  

Using lip pursing, make sure you have a good seal around the second hole and that there is no leakage. Try to think or say the vowel sound "e" as you're drawing.

Try to keep the note at the very front of your mouth and don't let it slip to the back of your throat. This will help keep it on pitch. 

Jan Schrama
Jan Schrama Oct 15, 2016

Hello Jerry,

Great and usefull exercice licks on 2d - 3b, but i experienced a great difference in "air-tight quality" between these two positions.

I use a Hohner Blues Harp MS, bought new a few weeks ago...but right after my start of playing from this new harpbaby ,the "root note" on 2d, felt as a weaker note then 3b, is there an "airtightnes problem" with my new harp? or is it due by my technic, can you give me a bit of an explanation to this phenomen, because i  also had the same experiance with my old  Hohner harp....thnx for your help in these.


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