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Blue Strollin'

Eighth Chorus Breakdown

Something I just realized is that I goofed and called this piece by two different names! That kind of faux pas can only occur when a piece of music is brand new, in this case, it serves as indisputable proof that Blue Strollin' (we'll stick with that title) was created exclusively for Sonic Junction - Accept no substitutes.

Anyway, this last verse begins with a lick that referrs back to the second and fourth verses. Again, employing thematic continuity to help the piece sound like a song and not just a bunch of verses strung together. On the educational side, this Blue Strollin' series contained some strategic theory along with some useful, coincidental technique workouts.

Hopefully you had fun along the way - See you next time!

Rick Estrin



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Rick Estrin
Blue Strollin
Rusty Zinn

Backing Track

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A Harp in the Key of E.

Loop 0:00 Rick and Rusty Playing the 7th and 8th Chorus of Blue Strollin'

Loop 2:32 Run-Through of 8th Verse Acoustically

Loop 3:10 Breakdown of Riff on the I Chord

Loop 7:36 Breakdown of IV Chord and Back to I Riff

Loop 10:50 Practice Loop of First 8 Bars

Loop 11:11 Breakdown of V Chord and Turnaround

Loop 12:44 Slow Practice Loop of 8th Verse

Loop 13:21 Closing Thoughts 






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Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Jun 28, 2016

Big thanks to all of you for your comments and questions on this series of lessons. I generally think of my approach to teaching as being more conceptual than technical - It's gratifying to know that some of what I'm trying convey is resonating with you. Hopefully I can inspire you to think about and begin employing, some of the various musical devices that can make your playing more effective and at the same time, provide you with a piece of music you can have fun with - If so, mission accomplished.

Robert Fox
Robert Fox Jun 24, 2016

A "cool stroll" and a great series of lessons - thanks, Rick!

Bill Blatner
Bill Blatner Jun 24, 2016


I've learned a lot from this piece, improved my technique by working on it and just really enjoyed it.  The phrasing is so interesting.  Sometimes the rhythm is the same but the notes are different, but there are also many different rhythmic variations.  When you said there was a whole world on the 3 hole draw you weren't kidding and this piece has so many incredibly expressive examples.  My TB bends have taken a big leap forward from working that 3 hole.

I may have some other questions but for now I just want to say thanks and I hope you're back soon.



Eng.rodrigues@clix.pt Jun 24, 2016

I had fun , thank's Rick

Boyd R
Boyd R Jun 24, 2016

Great lesson's  thanks. It's going to take  time a lot of stuff in here. The timing is the hard part

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