Hi there! Davell here.

First let me say that I'm excited! Excited about connecting with you via Skype...straight from my home and my piano to you! We'll have a great time working on music - your music.

My Skype lessons are a great and a fun way to connect with you on a personal level and work together to develop your unique musical voice.

I've been teaching music since my early teens from Pre-K to University level and I've enjoyed each experience. Teaching is an important part of my music work and my life. There's a great joy in connecting with each individual, and helping to develop and guide you on your music, and even your career.

Over the years I've taught thousands of students in varied situations, elementary and high school music, master classes, college courses, and of course, here at Sonic Junction, and I've enjoyed sharing my experience. These lessons here at Sonic Junction Skype will focus on (but not limited to) Traditional New Orleans Piano, Ragtime & Stride, New Orleans R&B Piano, Funk, Jazz and certainly Gospel. I will teach you how to sing and accompany yourself more effectively, how to execute and promote that special 'thing', that we all want in our playing styles.

This art is special...it's unique. These lessons will help you understand the fundamentals and foundations of these musics.

My teaching ability and philosophy applies all I’ve learned through my life as a music professional, and here at my Skype One-On-One Sonic Junction lessons, I will offer you personal access and insight regarding what I’ve attained on topics from specific techniques, to artist and artistic development.

We will use your private Skype lessons to focus on your music, your style...your needs. My lessons will be directed by your particular needs and interests, skill level and goals.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and helping you develop your unique understanding of Piano Roots music.

Also my teaching schedule is flexible to fit your needs. You can lock in mornings, evenings, or nights. Slots are limited. Only a few are available so let's be in touch.

I offer 1/2 hour lessons for $75 or 1 hour lessons for $150. The lessons can be purchased in 4-lessons bundles so we have time to get to know each other and work on your specific needs.

If you're interested, please email me via the form below and let me know what you would like to work on together.

I look forward to helping you explore, discover and develop the gift of feeling and soul in your music and life.


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