steven cohen
steven cohen Feb 06, 2014

Corey--love these lesson and i'm so glad my son found this site for me. I could not find tabs for your songs anywhere. I did buy your DVD lesson but this is much cleaner and more instructive.  I am struggling with rythym on many of the songs but that is my main limitation.  Anyway, have you ever given a listen to Ry Cooder's song "13 Question Method"?   I would love to know the tuning for that song along with the tabs. But for right now the tuning would give me a good start.  Check that song out and let me know what you think. I hope this site is working out for you and that you decide to continue gracing us with your time and patience.


steve cohen


Charlie Wheeler
Charlie Wheeler Jun 28, 2019


I am new to this site.  Have been playing slide for a couple of years and have a couple of National Steel resonator guitars.  I use finger picks and was wondering what your oppinion is on using finger picks or not using them?



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