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That's Alright

Solo, Singing and Endings

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That's Alright > Solo, Singing and Endings

Finally we will deal with the simple solo, the ending, and how to effectively sing the song. Take extra care not to play the song too fast; this is a slow blues and singing it will be much easier if you don't rush through it. Make sure that you are very comfortable with the guitar part before trying to sing the song, and when you do start singing it, begin with a quiet singing voice as you figure out where to place the words so that they are compatible with the rhythms in the song. Tapping your foot in time is always helpful. If you are unsteady in your approach, consider doing a little metronome training to polish your rhythm. Finally, take car enot to play too loudly so that you don't have to shout over the guitar to make yourself heard! Most of all, do your best to have fun. Thanks for listening and don't forget to comment and post a video once you feel comfortable with your performance.







Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Delta Blues

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through

Loop 3:55 Solo Run-Through


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Loop 4:40 Solo Breakdown

Loop 7:51 Ending Breakdown

Loop 9:00 Singing Breakdown

Loop 14:50 Closing Thoughts





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