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Greetings Ukulele and Life Enthusiasts! In this lesson we’ll revisit the Dolly Parton masterpiece “I Will Always Love You” and use it as a way to explore a strumming pattern that I like to call “here comes another good song” (think about the way people used to describe the Bo Diddley beat as “shave and a haircut, two bits”). Counting the strumming patterns is important but let’s make things as easy and memorable as possible here so we can get in the game immediately. We’ll also talk about using the 4th finger of the chording hand and how to add a little more movement to the song with a V-I start to the verses. And of course we’ll touch on economy of motion and vocal relaxation. AND you can be sure that if we’re talking about singing there’s going to be a pep talk for those who may need it! It’s such a treat to be playing this song with you….let me know how it’s going for you here in ukuleleland!!

Dan Zanes




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of I Will Always Love You

Loop 0:45 Review and What You Will Learn Today

Loop 2:04 Strumming Hand Breakdown

Loop 5:47 Em Chord Fingering and D7 Chord

Loop 8:58 Singing and Getting Inside A Song

Loop 13:43 Practice Loop of Whole Song


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 15:43 Closing Thoughts





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