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Three Little Birds - Uke

Rhythm and Singing

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Three Little Birds - Uke > Rhythm and Singing

Hello my uke party people! Here we are in lesson number 6 talking about the strumming pattern for Three Little Birds. And that means we’re talking about relaxation and we’re continuing to learn how to count as we play. We’ll be emphasizing the second and fourth beat in this tune. The concept is simple and should come naturally to most of you.That’s the mathematical part and then there’s the philosophical part - how do we get inside the song. In this case, it’s helpful to think about Bob Marley’s life in 1977 when he recorded this song. What was he thinking?? Who was he singing to?? When we’re making social music it helps to connect these songs to the stream of life. If we want people to sing with us we need to have a strong emotional tie to the material. Looking at the lyrics and forming some opinions helps with that process. In this lesson I also serve up that familiar pep talk: learning to sing and play requires a positive attitude and positive language. This music may present challenges along the way - what doesn’t? - but music making is something that’s available to anyone who wants it and the good news is no one has to walk down this path alone.

We’re all in this thing together!





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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Three Little Birds

Loop 0:31 Welcome and What You Will Learn Today

Loop 1:13 Strumming Breakdown

Loop 6:50 Practice Loop of Three Little Birds


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Loop 9:05 Singing and Getting Inside a Song

Loop 14:50 Singing Practice Loop





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Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Mar 03, 2017

Hey Dan -

I don't have a uke ... in fact I think the only time I ever held a ukelele was when my Grandpap wasn't looking over 50 years ago. I think it would be fun to learn in between trying to learn to play the guitar like Chris Eldridge. Ha ha .. it's all about dreaming and trying right. Anyway, any suggestions or recommendations on the purchase of a uke? Thanks man ... love your lessons.


Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Mar 05, 2017

hey there kip! thank you for checking in. i appreciate your good words about the lessons!

someone else asked this question recently and here's what i suggested:


i recently bought a Java by Tanglewood. at just under 200 bucks it's not quite an entry level uke but i've been happy that i spent a little more dough. this is the one i play in most of the videos. http://www.tanglewoodguitars.co.uk/product-category/ukulele-java/


i've been hearing a lot of great reports about kala ukes and their prices really run the range from low to high. https://kalabrand.com/pages/ukulele


i have several friends who love their luna ukes but you have to be willing to sport a fairly prominent design! http://www.lunaguitars.com/ukuleles


and as anyone who's seen me play live in the past 15 years i have a place in my heart for the flea ukuleles. they're made out of a combination of wood and plastic (hard to break!) and sounds great. http://www.magicfluke.com/default.asp


those are my starting points. luna and kala have the most inexpensive options.....

i hope this helps and i certainly hope you end up with a uke in your hands!!

yr pal,








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