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Baby Please Be True

Right Hand Rhythm

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Baby Please Be True > Right Hand Rhythm

This is the second lesson of the original blues song Baby Please Be True. Last week we focused on the left-hand rhythmic pattern this week we are studying the right-hand accompaniment pattern with some variations thrown in.

Once you've got the left-hand pattern to a comfortable place, start messing around with the right hand. Remember to get the right hand comfortable before exploring variations. With the right-hand don't forget to start with simple triads. The more simplistic, the better in the beginning... So don't rush.

Also in this lesson we look at the use of the one and four chords in relation to each other... How they may be used as fill-ins.

Practice, practice, practice and give me a shout out if you have any questions.

Keep it simple at first and have fun.




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new orleans
Davell Crawford
Baby Please Be True

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Loop 0:20 Run-Through of Baby Please Be True

Loop 1:07 Loop of Solo

Loop 2:32 Breakdown of Left Hand Accompaniment

Loop 8:27 Practice Track


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 9:22 When To Add the 5th on the Left Hand

Loop 12:18 Another Example with Solo

Loop 13:14 Closing Thoughts






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