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Hello there!

This week we will study the Randy Newman tune, "Louisiana 1927". It's a tune written about the flood of 1927, but many artist, such as myself, Aaron Neville, Marcia Ball, has since re-associated it (if you will) with the tragic Hurricane of 2005...Katrina. Gosh, I still get the, 'willies', saying that word or in his case typing it!

Ugh.....for me, sad, horrific memories that I, and many of my family and friends have still not been able to completely forget. But it certainly doesn't trump the fact that it's a song that should be performed.

Anyway, here it is! This lesson is very clear and self explanatory as it goes over the basic chordal structure of the song both right and left. In my version, it's a repetitive circle of chords throughout the entire song...and again, pretty basic.

I've left it somewhat open for you to improv and add your own personality to.

Post your version up!!!

Happy piano playin'!




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
new orleans
Davell Crawford
Lousianna 1927
Randy Newman

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Loop 0:00 Introduction to Louisianna 1927

Loop 0:35 Run-Through of Louisianna 1927

Loop 3:55 Breakdown of Left and Right Hand

Loop 6:24 Practice Loop of Left and Right Hand


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 8:05 Closing Thoughts

Loop 8:44 Outro





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Matthew Jun 12, 2016

Hey Davell,

Thanks for the lesson! Here's my attempt at it:

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