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Boogie on the I

Breakdown of 3rd Verse

Hey There Harpsters!

This week as we work on the next section of my I-chord Boogie, we need to remember it’s all about the groove. I will remind you this over and over again (haha!) because it is so important when you are playing a song like this to be seriously connected to the groove. We will incorporate some subtle tongue trills and the phrasing will get a little more adventurous, but keep in mind, the groove is key. If you can feel it, then you can play it!

Nothing really extravagant here, it’s all in the timing and phrasing. So grab your D Harp, have at it, and ENJOY!

- Dennis Gruenling






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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D Harp in the Key of A.

Loop 0:00 Introduction To The Third Section

Loop 1:15 Third Verse Run-Through

Loop 1:20 Breakdown of First Section

Loop 5:22 Breakdown of 2nd Section

Loop 7:55 Practice Loop of 2nd Section

Loop 8:09 Practice Loop of 3rd Verse So Far

Loop 9:04 Breakdown of Last Rhythmic Section

Loop 10:40 Practice Loop of 3rd Verse

Loop 11:15 Closing Thoughts





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