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Boogie on the I

Breakdown of 7th Verse

Hey There - once again it’s Dennis Gruenling here for you harp players on Sonic Junction. This next section of my Boogie On The I song utilizes some hand tremolo, some throat tremolo/vibrato, some blues scale runs, and a lick running from hole 7 down to hole 1. For your hand tremolo, make sure you get a fairly airtight seal with your hands around the harp (and microphone when amplified) so you can actually hear the different tonal shades better. If the throat tremolo and vibrato are giving you a problem, don’t forget to work on them individually in your practice routine apart from when you are just practicing this song! I hope by this point that this song is within your grasp much more than you thought it was when you first heard it…if not, please ask any questions you have and I’ll see you soon on here!

- Dennis Gruenling






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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D Harp in the Key of A.

Loop 0:16 7th Verse Run-Through

Loop 1:00 Breakdown of First Section

Loop 2:27 Practice Loop of 1st Section

Loop 2:42 Breakdown of 2nd Section

Loop 8:12 Practice Loop of 2nd Section

Loop 8:44 Chordal Vamping Breakdown

Loop 9:00 Slow Practice Loop of 7th Verse

Loop 9:38 Closing Thoughts




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