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Boxed Up

3rd Chorus Breakdown

We're re-issuing one of Dennis's most popular lessons with re-mastered video and updated loop points. From Dennis:

Hi Everyone - for this week's lesson, we take apart the third chorus of my third position "Boxed Up" instrumental, and talk about some techniques used in this chorus as well. As I mentioned last time, with any technique that may be new for you, just make sure you practice the technique as it's own little mini-exercise before trying to get it correct in context…this will save you some time and frustration. There's no need to pressure yourself to get all the notes AND a new technique correctly executed right off the bat! This chorus is a little simpler as far as the notes go, but pay particular attention to the drawn-out bends involved. The way you bend up and down, and the smoothness applied to a drawn out bend greatly enhances it's musical effect. On paper the notes are easy, but remember to put your feeling into the way you execute the notes here….Enjoy!!

- Dennis 



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

Backing Track

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A Harmonica in the Key of B min.

Loop 0:45 Performance of Boxed Up, Third Chorus

Loop 1:23 Technique Breakdown: Distorted Notes, Octaves and Tongue Trills

Loop 5:40 Breakdown of First 4 Bars (I Chord)

Loop 6:58 Practice Loop of First 4 Bars

Loop 7:24 Breakdown of Bars 5 - 8 (IV Chord and Back to I)

Loop 8:28 Practice Loop of Bars 5-8 

Loop 8:59 Breakdown of Last 4 Bars

Loop 11:41 Practice Loop of Last 4 Bars

Loop 11:54 Practice Loop of Third Chorus (Bars 1- 12)





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