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Lookin' Sharp

2nd and 3rd Chorus Breakdown

We're re-issuing one of Dennis's most popular lessons with re-mastered video and updated loop points. From Dennis:   

Hi Harp Fans! This week we dive further into “Lookin’ Sharp”, my diatonic harmonica tribute to George “Harmonica” Smith. In Chorus Two, we will work on using more octaves, slight 5 draw bends, and powerful 4 draw scoops. As we go into Chorus Three we will work on subtleties with the 3 draw bend with throat and hand vibrato, and the building of tension with timing and phrasing, which is one of the things that George Smith was most known for.

Dig in, and keep yourself “Lookin’ Sharp”!

- Dennis Gruenling






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

Backing Track

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D Harp in the Key of A

Loop 0:00 First Three Choruses of "Lookin' Sharp"

Loop 1:36 Introduction to the 2nd and 3rd Chorus Breakdown

Loop 2:24 2nd Chorus Run-Through

Loop 3:01 I Chord Breakdown

Loop 6:33 IV Chord Breakdown

Loop 7:50 Practice Loop of I and IV Chord

Loop 8:07 I Chord Breakdown (Bars 7 & 8)

Loop 9:27 V Chord Through the Turnaround

Loop 11:25 Practice Loop of 2nd Chorus

Loop 11:58 3rd Chorus Breakdown

Loop 15:57 Practice Loop of 2nd and 3rd Chorus





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