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Blues A Rama

Lowell Fulson - First Chorus Solo

Hi Folks,

This week's lesson covers my first chorus of my Lowell Fulson style guitar solo from Blues a Rama. I play many licks from Lowell's classic   "Reconsider Baby." Lowell's style, while being derived from and inspired by T-Bone Walker was actually quite different. He had his own sense of melody and time and it's not so easy to grasp. His guitar tone was a special thing also. Having more to do with his fingering and fingers than anything. I found interesting that on Eric Clapton's version of Reconsider Baby he didn't get the feel of Lowell's playing at all. Even though he played many of the notes. As often the case, things may appear easy and/or simple, but trying to emulate someone like Lowell Fulson's feel and style is not anywhere near as easy as it sounds. I am pretty happy of my interpretation here. Especially considering the tempo was slow for the actual song. In Blues a Rama, I had to play many different artists style all at a common tempo so it wasn't always the perfect tempo to execute each style at its fullest. On this chorus I use many of Lowell's riffs and fingering and picking techniques to achieve the correct vibe. Bends on the G and B string are important with the over bend on the B string bending the 6th note up a little past where you would normally put the 7th. Pretty much right between the 7th and major 7th. It sounds almost wrong on first listen but it has much to do with his style. My theory on that is because of his native American blood, that's the way it sounded correct to him, giving him a unique sound. His slurs, bends and rakes all have to do with his particular sound and I do my best here to replicate his style. Though I admit in my younger days, before arthritis, rotator cuff issues etc I came very close to playing his style convincingly. Grasping the small things that are the real essence of a players style are of the most importance! And they give you another aspect to different players styles which you can add to your arsenal!.

Have a Happy Holiday and Enjoy!




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Loop 0:00 Breakdown of Lowell Fulson's Style 

Loop 5:59 Run-Through of Blues A Rama Lowell Fulson


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