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Hello Folks,

This week's lesson is on the solo section of Easy Baby. In reality there is no actual solo on the Cobra (label) version. What Sam does is do a worked out rhythmic part that leads back into the vocal on the four chord. Now if you are playing this live you may want to do a solo to make the song a bit longer. So, here is my way to do that. We do the rhythmic figure like the recording then solo on the rest of the verse starting on the 4 chord. After that verse we go back to the figure then go to the vocal on the four like the original recording. Brad Hallen and I did a track with this arrangement to give you a track to work it out to. Do have fun playing this one everyone and please keep posting your videos so I can see your progress. And if you want to sing, please go right ahead. I really do look forward to listening to all of you.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues
Duke Robillard
Chicago Blues
Magic Sam
Easy Baby

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Loop 0:00 Simple Magic Sam Style Solo

Loop 4:22 Magic Sam / Otish Rush Style Solo


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Loop 4:50 Getting the "Style" of Magic Sam in a Solo






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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Aug 06, 2016

Great lesson, Duke! I love those ideas, that is so enlightening. All of those riffs sound impossibly hard until you explain them. Can't wait for a track to play with! Thanks a lot! Best, Bruce

Tom K.
Tom K. Aug 06, 2016

Fun song to play . Thanks Duke .

Mark Aug 06, 2016


i love the lessons. Can you tell me something about the Strat you are using in this lesson? What make or year ? Any special pickups ? Thx 

I also would love to see a lesson for a jump blues such as T Bone Boogie ! Great tune. Thx 

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