Grant Page
Grant Page Oct 26, 2015

Hi Jerry, would love to see a video series on improvisation on the harp 

Terry Church
Terry Church May 15, 2016

I wish that someday Jerry would make the video series that only he can make--about growing up on Maxwell St--the music he heard over the years (blues, but also gospel, and Mexican?  other ethnic?   Jerry Portnoy has such a gift for communicating his vivid memories of that time and place.  He plays and writes and talks and teaches so superbly that this could be a tremendous contribution to our understanding of the era, socially, culturally--and of course musically!

Arsen Ghevondyan
Arsen Ghevondyan Nov 13, 2018

Hi Jerry, thank you for your classes and detail expanations.

would it be posible to make a video  for "Got My Mojo Working"



Thank you a lot


Paul Appleton
Paul Appleton Apr 14, 2020

A series covering most of the muddy waters blues band stuff would be cool.... it’s a massive foundation in blues harp with many great solos and subtleties used.... there are some lessons available but none with backing tracks and none in real detail . This stuff often comes up at jams and all the great harp players played this stuff in muddys band . A Muddy Waters Blues Band Harmonica Series needs be done someday .....

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