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Baby, Scratch My Back

Intro Breakdown

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Baby, Scratch My Back > Intro Breakdown

"Baby, Scratch My Back." Here's the breakdown of the first two choruses before the vocal comes in. As always, sing the lick first and then anticipate the correct notes just as you're playing them.Just for fun, try "singing", or more properly, talking the lyrics on this one. Just say it like you mean it!

Bb harp in key of F.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Jerry Portnoy
Baby Scratch My Back
Slim Harpo

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Bb harp in key of F.  Baby, Scratch My Back background listening: Slim Harpo

loop @ 1:32 breakdown of first riff / first chorus

loop @ 2:16 breakdown of second riff / first chorus

loop @ 2:55 first and second riff played together

loop @ 3:10 breakdown of rest of first chorus

loop @ 4:58 entire first chorus

loop @ 5:33 breakdown of 2nd chorus

loop @ 7:02 how to learn with singing / fixing the riffs in your mind

loop @ 8:02 first and second choruses together




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Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy May 25, 2014

Hi Ann,

I'll put that one on the list.

AnnFears May 22, 2014

Thank you Jerry, learning a song I always loved.  Do you teach raingin in my heart by slim harpo???

Preston Mar 11, 2013

Thanks a lot Jerry.... Sorry to hear about your throat problem...Please tell me how to practice for a nice strong vibrato and also how to get it up to speed   because for a slow blues my Vib sounds ok but for fast tunes its hopeless I feel.

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Mar 11, 2013

Kudos to both Biscuit Mic and Preston. Great clips. Preston - your phrasing is really excellent and has that relaxed lazy feel of Slim Harpo along with a wonderful improvised chorus of your own that is just beautiful and right in the pocket. Biscuit Mic - I've had throat issues beginning about seven years ago that have destroyed my once vaunted vibrato - I wish I had yours.  

Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike Mar 09, 2013

Good Stuff, LearningtheHarp.

Keep the posts coming!

Preston Mar 08, 2013


here's the Intro for Baby Scratch my Back.......My Vibrato....wish it were better!!

Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike Mar 07, 2013

Thanks, Learningtheharp

I look forward to your next playing clip also.

Preston Mar 07, 2013

Great Playing Mic. I liked your Vibrato its strong.....

Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike Mar 05, 2013

Working on the Intro 

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