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O Holy Night

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Christmas time is coming up so we're going to add a couple more carols to the ones we learned last year. This week I'll play "O Holy Night." Hunt and peck if you have to but, as always, just take it phrase by phrase and try to remember the breathing pattern once you have the correct notes. It starts on the 5th hole blow.

A harp in key of A.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Key of A
Jerry Portnoy
A Harp
Christmas Song
O Holy Night

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A Harmonica in the Key of A.  Background listening: Nat King Cole & Mahalia Jackson

loop @ 0:35 How to Learn O Holy Night

loop @ 3:16 Run-Through of O Holy Night

loop @ 3:16 1st Section (Starts on 5th Hold Blow)

loop @ 3:41 2nd Section

loop @ 4:02 3rd Section

loop @ 4:24 4th Section

loop @ 4:49 5th Section

loop @ 5:04 6th Section


Jerry's other Holiday Songs: Silent Night & Joy to the World, Deck the Halls and Auld Lang Syne




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Boyd R
Boyd R Nov 24, 2016

thank you

Boyd R
Boyd R Nov 21, 2016

what happened too silent night, Deck the halls, Auld lang syne. they are gone


Mike Caren
Mike Caren Nov 22, 2016

Hi Boyd --- thanks for the question.  I've updated the links so you can now get to Silent Nigh, Deck the Halls and Auld Lang Syne.  You can also find them on Jerry's Artist Hub page.

Boyd R
Boyd R Dec 06, 2013

Real nice Merry Christmas 

Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike Dec 06, 2013

That Got Me In The Christmas Spirit!

Merry Christmas.

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