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Hoochie Coochie Man

Backing Track

Here's Rick with the backing track for "Hoochie Coochie Man". "A" harp in key of "A". Have fun playing along and try to work in and out with the vocal.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Key of A
Muddy Waters
Jerry Portnoy
A Harp
Rick Russell
Little Walter

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A harp in key of A.  Background listening: Muddy Waters: Hoochie Coochie Man

loop @ 0:10 song

loop @ 2:01 solo




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Tom Oct 14, 2013

Sonic Junction should let Rickie King Russell do guitar lessons for us giutar players too. I'd like to learn that little walk up he uses at 1:11 to 1:14 on the time dial.

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Nov 17, 2012

Glad you're having fun with this.

Jarek Nov 17, 2012

Now i can :)


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