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Sentimental Journey

B Section Breakdown

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Sentimental Journey > B Section Breakdown

This week we breakdown the "B" section to "Sentimental Journey." Once again, sing the section you're working on before trying to play it. This song was a big hit during World War II. If you can play this well you'll be a hit with the older demographic (like me)! Have fun and good luck!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Jerry Portnoy
Rick Russell
Sentimental Journey
Les Brown

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A Harmonica in the Key of E.  Sentimental Journey background listening: Jerry Portnoy & Les Brown

loop @ 0:50 Jerry and Rick playing the B section

loop @ 1:45 breakdown of B section

loop @ 4:21 Jerry playing the B section slowly

loop @ 5:16 bending the 1st hole

loop @ 6:09 sing the melody




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Alexandre Victorino
Alexandre Victorino Sep 13, 2013

Thank's. Very nice.

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Sep 07, 2013

Playing songs with well known melodies is a good way to pracice many musical elements. Since you know the song in your head, you have a model for trying to - not only hit the right notes, but also to phrase and shape them to match the way you hear it in your head.

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Sep 06, 2013

Hi Jerry ... love the tune and this series.  It's really helping me to get control over the bends.  Your advice on bending the 1 hole worked for me.  I've never bent the 1 hole before ... and now I can!  

Now I need to practice it a lot to get the right tone and control.  That's the cool thing about this song ... it's a beautiful melody that sticks in your head ... and you get to really develop bending control (which is just where I am).  Thanks.

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