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Crawlin' Kingsnake

First Two Vocal Verses

Hey Sonic Junction -

This week we'll be working on the first two vocal verses of this "Crawlin' Kingsnake". In this lesson, we're stressing the primary importance of the groove - feeling it and maintaining it. Without that groove, nothing's going to work real well. There's also a lot of emphasis on some conjunctive devices - These are the glue that'll get this piece to hang together for you. Some of the licks are variations on things we already worked on, so you'll have an opportunity to improve your command of these licks and see how they can be applied in different spots. I'm also introducing some new stuff, including one lick you should be using throughout your entire blues playing life. Have fun and stay in the pocket.

Rick Estrin






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

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G Harp in the Key of D.

Loop 0:36 Run-Through of First Vocal Verse

Loop 1:37 Breakdown of Vocal Fills

Loop 5:30 Breakdown of 2nd Vocal Verse Fills

Loop 9:30 Review of New Riffs

Loop 10:18 Slow Practice Loop

Loop 11:11 Closing Thoughts





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