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Dust My Broom

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Here's Rick with the guitar track for Elmore James's "Dust My Broom". Get in the groove so you play in time and have fun.

G harp in key of D.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Dust My Broom
Rick Russell
G Harp
Key of D

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G Harmonica in the Key of D.  Background listening: Elmore James - Dust My Broom

loop @ 0:47 intro & first verse

loop @ 2:10 solo

loop @ 3:10 last chorus & ending

loop @ 0:47 whole song




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Rich G
Rich G Jun 08, 2013

Thanks Jerry, I'll keep working on it.

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Jun 08, 2013


I'd like to hear you get closer to what I'm playing. The hand stuff has to be "in time" and the rhythm part is just the basic rhythm that I teach at the very beginning of the course. I would concentrate on the fundamentals. When they're more solid you'll be able to apply them effectively to the songs themselves.

JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Jun 06, 2013

Hello Rick,


just a world to say i love to see your backing track !! You sing so well and play so well that very inspirating for me !! You voice he's very powefull too and like Duke you've got a nice collection of guitar !! It's alway a pleasure to see your backing track !!

Hope you and jerry gonna play in Paris one day !



Rich G
Rich G Jun 03, 2013

Here is my attempt to play along with Ricky.

B---K May 25, 2013

Very nice.  Thanks.

Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike May 24, 2013

Ricky is a brass man, nice sound.

Thank you again.

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