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First Position Abberition

5th Verse Breakdown, Part 1

Hey Sonic Junction -

It’s Rick Estrin, and I’m back with part one of verse five. I split this verse into two parts - not because it’s physically more difficult to play than other verses in this piece, but because the timing and phrasing might be a little trickier. The good news is, once you really get a handle on this phrasing - when you’re able to deep down, internally feel the “casual intensity” in what this verse is “saying”, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the groove in general. Ongoing, you’ll feel more rhythmically free, and be able to apply this knowledge to a whole range of licks and ideas. The licks in this verse should be attacked with plenty of texture and with maximum conviction. At the same time, I want you to pay particular attention to their phasing and timing. The effect these licks have on the listener, and the “apparent meaning” they impart, depend heavily on exactly where you put them.

Have fun, stay safe, and I’ll see you next week.





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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A Harmonica in the Key of A.

Loop 0:35 Fifth Chorus Amplified

Loop 1:46 Verse 5 Acoustically

Loop 2:10 Breakdown of First Lick

Loop 5:14 Lead Into IV Chord Breakdown

Loop 7:20 Practice Loop

Loop 8:05 Slow Practice Loop

Loop 8:30 Closing Thoughts




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