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Sloppin' and Slidin'

Third Verse Breakdown

Hey Sonic Junction - This week I’m back with verse three of Sloppin’ and Slidin’ - In verse three, once again, it’s all slidin’ - We’re saving the slop for later. It’s all slidin’ AND it’s all draw notes. We start out with a repetition of the same lick we used to resolve verse two. We add in a slight variation and then, when we get to the IV, things start to get ugly (in a good way) with a swooping, growling bend that you’re gonna want to sound as ominous as possible. Then, we wrap up verse three with a variation on the same lick we started with.

Rick Estrin



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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A Harp in the Key of E.

Loop 0:00 Introduction to the 3rd Verse

Loop 0:50 3rd Verse Acoustically

Loop 1:26 Breakdown of First 4 Bars

Loop 4:57 Breakdown of IV Chord and Back to I (Bars 5 - 8)

Loop 7:10 Breakdown of V Chord and Turnaround

Loop 8:20 Slow Practice Loop of 3rd Verse

Loop 9:00 Review and Closing Thoughts





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Bill Blatner
Bill Blatner Nov 04, 2017

Hi Rick,

Maybe you're going to pick this up on the next lesson but I think this verse ends, sort of as a turnaround, with a blast on the 6-hole draw.  It's not an after thought.  That blast makes a huge statement!  And I'm not sure how you finish it off.  Is it just bending the 6-draw over or do you bend it over and into the 5 draw?  (Sorry, but you may have to go back to the performance again to hear it :)

Thanks.  I'm digging every note.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Nov 04, 2017

Hi Bill  - I‘m sure I bend that slashing 6 draw note at the end and trail it off into the 5 draw a little. I‘m surprised I didn’t mention it. Maybe I talk about it next week. It’s sort of another way of switching gears, or announcing that there’s about to be a departure from an established theme.


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