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The Lockdown Shuffle

3rd Verse Breakdown

Hey, Sonic Junction,

it's Rick Estrin back again and this week I'll be breaking down verse 3 of "The Lockdown Shuffle". This lesson features a fairly explicit explanation of how to produce one type of tonal contrast. We'll also be working again with the push/pull, blow/draw technique that's essential to creating the feeling of buoyancy we want to achieve in this piece. There're also some partial chords, and conjunctive devices, that are indispensable to the overall effectiveness of the song, but need to be executed in an offhanded, semi-casual way. On the V chord, we'll be continuing to work with the half step and whole step bends on holes 2 and 3 that reoccur throughout the song. I also explain a little about the purpose and value of using a recurring lick for continuity - In this case, it's a signature "tag" lick. There's a lot of stuff in this lesson, but it's all good stuff that you'll be able to draw from and apply to whatever you play in years to come.

Have fun, and I'll see you next week.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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A Harp in the Key of E.

Loop 0:00 First Three Verses

Loop 1:54 3rd Verse Acoustically

Loop 2:30 I Chord Breakdown

Loop 6:50 IV Chord Breakdown

Loop 10:48 V Chord and Turnaround Breakdown

Loop 13:54 Practice Loop

Loop 15:03 Closing Thoughts





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Boyd R
Boyd R Feb 01, 2021

This tune is really amazing and the  more you get into it not so easy that's what I like about it. I'm working on this tune. And trying to pick out Little Walter's  Sad Hours needing some help just takes  time. Love the lockdown shuffle 

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Feb 01, 2021

Thanks Boyd! I'm real glad you like it! Also, Sad Hours is beautiful - There's a lot of great things you can pick up from Sad Hours!

George Garvin
George Garvin Jan 30, 2021

You're so right that this tune is loaded with musical ideas. I love this lesson. It's definitely changing and deepening my playing. Tongue blocking the 1 blow and draw (which i never used to do). The Lockdown Shuffle is such a fun groove. Thank you so much for the time you're putting into it,  attention to detail and patience in spelling it all out. Cheers!


Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Jan 30, 2021

Thanks George! I'm real glad you're enjoying it! I cover a lot of little, idiomatic details that seem important to me, and it's always gratifying whenever somebody else appreciates their value.

Bill Blatner
Bill Blatner Jan 29, 2021

I think that word is perfect. It relates to your idea that the playing should be conversational and make sense.  If you took the conjunctions out of a sentence it wouldn't make sense. A conjunction links ideas together. Brilliant.

Mary Beth - google Thelonius Monk 25 tips. There are some real touchstones there. I think I first heard about them when Rick did the Chicago Shuffle lesson, way back when.

Bill Blatner
Bill Blatner Jan 29, 2021

Hey Rick,

I had to look up "conjunctive" but now I think I know what you're talking about :)  You've quoted Monk's about how it's everyone's job to make the drummer sound good.  This performance makes me think of another of his 25 tips: When you are swinging, swing more!  I'm digging it!

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Jan 29, 2021

That's another one of my favorite Monk quotes. And by "conjunctive" (hopefully I'm using it the right way - I've been using that description for years) I mean the little supportive devices between the licks that seem to hold things together and propel the piece foreword. A conjunctive device could be a casual, barely audible partial chord, or it could be a little lick that leads into a bigger "statement" - What I call "conjunctive devices" might sometimes, on the surface seem inconsequential, but to me, they're often the glue holding things together and they help to create the impression of buoyancy that can make a particular lick or verse feel alive

Mary Beth Hempel
Mary Beth Hempel Jan 29, 2021

That is a great quote!! I have to remember that one, thank you!!  When you are swinging, swing more!!  :-)  Perfect!!

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