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You Don't Love Me That Way


Hey Sonic Junction!

Rick Estrin here, and I'm back.

In this series we're going revisit the style of John Lee "Sonnyboy" Williamson with my version of his song, "You Don't Love Me That Way". When we get into the tune, we'll be using a Bb harp, but first, to go along with this performance, I'll provide a little historical background information. There's been a ton of confusion and even controversy surrounding the name Sonnyboy Williamson. It stems from the fact that two of the all-time greatest and most influential blues harmonica players used the name. The first Sonnyboy was John Lee "Sonnyboy" Williamson. He was a hugely popular Chicago recording artist in the 1930s and '40s who, at only 34 years of age, was tragically murdered in 1948. He recorded more than 100 songs for the RCA/Bluebird label, both as a leader and as a sideman with artists such as Big Joe Williams and Yank Rachell. The second Sonnyboy who has been described as a rapscallion and a raconteur, was also a great artist as well as a pioneering exponent of "alternative facts". He had been known variously as Little Boy Blue, Willie Miller, Alec Miller and "Rice" Miller. Regionally, in the Mississippi delta, he began fraudulently using the name Sonnyboy Williamson, years before John Lee Williamson's untimely death. Ironically, the second Sonnyboy, for a variety of reasons, has become the more widely known of the two, but for those in the know, the real Sonnyboy, John Lee Williamson, was the undisputed, official father of what has come to be known as Chicago Blues Harmonica.




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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Bb Harp in the Key of F.

Loop 0:00 Intro

Loop 0:29  1st Vocal Verse and Fills

Loop 0:49 2nd Vocal Verse and Fills

Loop 1:10 Solo

Loop 1:31 Solo, Second Chorus

Loop 1:51 3rd Vocal Verse and Fills

Loop 2:12 Outro and Ending





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Rene Jun 04, 2020
hi guys
Possible to have the lyrics of rick? It is not the same as sonnyboy's, which I found on the internet.
Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Jun 04, 2020

Ok Rene - Sorry. Like a lot of bluesmen, Sonnyboy had kind of a floating pool of lyrics that he drew from. I just picked some in the moment that seemed to fit the message of the song. I can't remember exactly what I used, but I'll listen and get back to you.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Jun 04, 2020


I'm gonna tell you one thing baby that you really can't do. You can't love me, baby and love some other man too - You don't love me that way...

Looky here baby ain't gon' be your fool no more. You're tryin to dog me baby like you did long time ago. You don't love me that way...

I'm gon' tell you one more thing baby that I know you ain't gon' like - but when I quit you girl I ain't gon' never take you back. You don't love me that way...

Rene Jun 05, 2020

Thx very much, Rick.
You and your colleagues are really great. :-)

Hope, see (and hear) you at Atlantis/Basel next September!


Mike Caren
Mike Caren May 04, 2020

Hi Rene and Andoni -- backing track with Rusty is up.  Just click on the play button in the upper right corner of your screen.  Enjoy! 

Andoni Perez de Lema
Andoni Perez de Lema May 04, 2020

Thank you very much. It's a pleasure to practice this beautiful song.

Rene May 04, 2020

Perfect! Thank you very much!

Andoni Perez de Lema
Andoni Perez de Lema Apr 30, 2020

Hi Rick :

This is a really exciting song, and you gave us the most moving, powerful and thrilling rendition. Thanks for all the wisdom you shared with us, and for all the effort you take to teach us, motivate us and give us joy.  It would be good to have a backing track on the website, like in your other lessons, in order to practice with the right groove. I'm eager to play this amazing song.

Rene Apr 29, 2020

Hi Rick

It's really hard work :-) ... but it's lot of fun!

Do you have a link to a backing track (youtube?)

Gordi Brown
Gordi Brown Apr 06, 2020

fantastic ..!


Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Apr 06, 2020

Thanks Gordi - Glad you like it!

Brian Cade
Brian Cade Apr 04, 2020

Was always one of my favorite tunes on the Little Charlie and the Nightcats album Shaddow of the Blues.  Great harmonic playing and blues guitar, both on the original and here. 

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Apr 04, 2020

Thanks Brian - I kinda forgot it was on Shadow of the Blues! I'll have to go back and listen. I'm glad you like it!

Rene Apr 04, 2020

this is my next project 👍😎

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Apr 04, 2020

Cool! Let me know how you're doing with it.

tim james
tim james Apr 03, 2020

cool and groovy Rick !!!  cheers mate

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Apr 03, 2020

Thanks Tim! Real glad you like it!

Boyd R
Boyd R Apr 03, 2020

Great beat love it 

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Apr 03, 2020

Thanks Boyd - Have fun!

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